My Husband Is So Lazy!

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Help, my husband is so lazy!

Why do I always find myself having to do all the thinking in my marriage?

Why can’t he just think for a change? Why can’t he just do things himself without needing a reminder every single time? I have enough to think about than having to churn out a list of reminders every day.

Honestly, sometimes I just feel like a parrot, “Can you do this; can you do that."  Like, the ‘can do’ list is never ending from grocery shopping, cleaning the car, throwing away empty containers, putting the rubbish out, to even making a cup of tea!

I mean, is it just me going crazy? I have spoken to many Muslim wives and they have told me the same thing is happening to them. Is this genetic? Are men born with believing that it is not their role to do anything around the house until they are asked to do something, or, are they just simply being darn lazy?

Don’t get me wrong, my husband does sometimes eventually listen and does what I ask, but not without him receiving a million reminders first. And to top it all, I have in his eyes become the nag Queen!

As a matter of fact, at one point the reminders got so bad that it started to heavily affect our marriage. I began to think that I had married the wrong person and even started to consider divorce. After all, marriage was supposed to be a partnership and not a “one track pony”. I became mentally exhausted with my husband driving me crazy.

Well there comes a time when a wife cannot take any more. So, I decided enough was enough.  I wanted to stop feeling stressed, frustrated and overburdened all the time. I decided to take a break.

Let’s say the break was not a holiday abroad but something even better than that. It was a journey from crazy land back to sanity. It was the best break I had ever had in my life. I felt totally rejuvenated and no longer needed my husband to do anything to feel relaxed, tranquil and happy.

The most surprising thing was that my husband started to do things without me having to ask him. Oh, and I am definitely not disappointed in dropping my title of the nag Queen.

So now, let me ask you. Is your husband driving you crazy? 

Would you like to take a break and travel back from crazy land to the land of sanity? 

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