Married To Your Mother In-Law?

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Does your mother in-law control everything you do? Like, who you should see or talk to, where you should go, the way you should dress, how many kids you should have and how you should raise them and so on.

We have not even got to the husband yet.

He is told by her, what meals you should be cooking for him, how much money he  should give you, the amount of privacy time he should have with you and how many gifts he should buy you – the list is endless and I am sure you will have plenty more of your own to add to this mix.

Does it feel like you are in a marriage contract with your mother in-law? Is it causing you sleepless nights, suffocation and destroying your relationship with your husband?

Have you had enough and feel it is time now to do something about it?

Are you ready to finally divorce your mother-in-law and claim your right to marital bliss with your husband and live happily ever after?

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Much Love,

Robina x


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