The Love Knot...

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Aisha and Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)) used to express their love for each other regularly.

One day Aisha asked the Prophet (pbuh) how he would describe his love for her. The Prophet (pbuh) answered by saying: “Like a strong binding knot.” Meaning: the more you tug, the stronger it gets.

Every so often Aisha would playfully ask, “How is the knot?” The Prophet (pbuh) would answer, “As strong as the first day (you asked).”

How is the love knot in your marriage?

Is it strong as the first day you met or is it getting loose or on the verge of breaking?

Perhaps the knot has become so weak due to your partner cheating, lying, having an affair or his talk of marrying a second wife.

As a result, you start constantly thinking about your husband being with another women or leaving you for another women which is causing disconnection, mental exhaustion and keeping you awake at night.

I really feel your pain and want to let you know that you don’t have to suffer anymore.

You can finally relax and have a blissful and loving relationship with your husband and live happily together ever after.

I have a secret way to help you tie your love knot so strong that it will be impossible for anyone to ever break it.

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