Marriage Dreams - Shattered.

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When I fell in love and married the man of my dreams I expected to live happily in harmony ever after. Unfortunately, this dream got very quickly shattered.

I was left with broken expectations, betrayed with lies, felt unappreciated, unsupported and struggled with communication in my marriage. 

My husband just did not want to listen to me. I felt unheard and misunderstood. He refused to compromise with anything and wanted everything his way all the time. As the famous saying goes, “it’s his way or the highway”. Does this ring any bells?

Are you struggling with communication or any other marital issues?

Maybe you have tried everything from reasoning, talking, shouting, screaming, laying down the law, boundaries and even threatened him with the dreaded “D” (divorce) word.

Perhaps you have even called out your favourite ‘Imaam cops’ at your local mosque but this one last hope has also failed miserably.

You have done everything you possibly could, to make him change or listen but nothing is working.

My question to you is after all your efforts in trying to make your husband listen, “How does that make you feel?” Frustrated? Angry? Upset? Unwanted? Maybe you even feel like a failure as a wife… 

Are you ready to finally turn all this around, once and for all, and create the marriage of your dreams?

Here’s where to get started: Happily Married 1-to-1 Breakthrough Session 


Much love,

Robina x


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