How Do You Talk To Your Husband Without Yelling Back?

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Have you found yourself yelling or screaming at your husband every time he opens his mouth?

He just manages to say the wrong thing or words which spirals your blood pressure out of control.

I mean how do you manage your emotions when your husband is so stuck to his way of thinking, not taking responsibility around the children or house, does what he wants and stuffs cotton buds in his ears when you trying to talk to him sensibly.

He continues to annoys you by leaving mess around the house, the towel on the bathroom floor, quietly slipping the dishes in the sink or clothes in the laundry basket. As if you are not aware of what he is doing.

So, while you have a melt down, the kids start freaking out and you are ready to explode, and you do.

The worse thing is, that at this point you are beyond caring.

You have tried all the talking, dished out all the reminders and the like, and still left unheard, disrespected, unappreciated and unsupported.

You feel so frustrated and start firing bullet shots hoping that will do the trick.

However, nothing changes. When things calm down, you feel guilty or maybe you don’t.

The point is, this goes on and on and there is no end in sight.

How much more can you take. How much more are you and your children going to suffer.

You start to think maybe both of you were not meant to be for each other and even consider separation.

One thing for sure, is that, you have had enough and mentally exhausted. 

You want to find some way to talk to your husband without getting hot, angry and thrown into a blazing battle.

If you are looking for a way to stop the hot flames from burning your marriage to ashes then I have a very simple way that requires little effort.

Ready to find out what this way is? Then jump in for a quick cool dip in my deep powerful Happily Married Breakthrough Session.


In this session:

  •  We will look at every flame that is sabotaging your marriage so you can have loving and meaningful conversations that couples can only dream about.
  • How to talk to your husband with zero anger which will make him love to listen and hang on every word you say and understand your every need.
  • Leave the session inspired and re-energised, ready to have a deep and loving connection with your husband.

Happily Married Breakthrough Session



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