BIGGEST Mistake I Made In My Marriage

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Lot of people say it takes a lot of effort and hard work to make a marriage work. 

Therefore, you maybe currently working really hard in trying to make your husband understand you or trying to understand him.

 Communication is probably at its rock bottom and you are both either living like two strangers or tearing each other’s hair out. Should I leave or should I stay is probably playing like a broken record at the back of your mind. 

Has all your hard work and efforts paid off to transform your marriage?

Or, are you still left feeling highly frustrated and mentally exhausted?  

You see, I am a living example and proof that working hard to make your marriage work is a recipe for disaster.

The first biggest mistake I made, was thinking I had to work hard to save my marriage. As a matter of fact, the more I tried harder, the more we argued, became disconnected and started to plan a divorce exit.

I was following all the advice from the family, friends, Quran & Sunnah etc and laying out all the rules, boundaries and agreements but nothing was working. 

These methods did not work despite all my efforts. However, fortunately I am now happily married.

You might be wondering, what changed?

What is my secret?  

The ‘secret’ was having an effortless breakthrough in my relationship with my husband.

This is why I want to do the same for you.

That’s why I am offering you my special Happily Married Breakthrough session.

In this highly powerful session we will:

  • Create an inspiring vision of what you really want in your marriage.
  • Uncover what is really sabotaging your relationship with your husband.
  • How you can effortlessly eliminate the emotional pain and live happily ever after.
  • How to have a deep and harmonious communication with your husband.
  • Leave the session renewed, inspired to secure your marriage forever.

One of my clients did just that and leapt to take the opportunity to have a Happily Married Breakthrough Session.

“My sessions with Robina have been truly life changing. I am in a state of calmness and view life differently. This has led to better relationships with my husband & family. I love them more.”

I suppose it depends on how much saving your marriage is worth to you.

For some people, it’s priceless to feel tranquillity and contentment in a marriage that is filled with happiness, fun, laughter and joy.

For others, it would be worth thousands to want the battles to disappear in front of the kids so they are able to grow up in a happy, peaceful and loving home.

I paid £9,000 to work with a coach to transform my marriage

(...and a lot more to be trained in the Inside-Out Breakthrough Coaching System).

One 90 minute session with me is normally £497.

However, I want this Happily Married Breakthrough to be available to you at a *much* more affordable rate.

In fact, you’ll pay a tiny fraction of the usual investment…

If you would like this deep, powerful breakthrough in your relationship, then, jump in quick and click the link to purchase and book your session. 

Happily Married Breakthrough Session




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