How Do You Talk To Your Husband Without Yelling Back?

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Have you found yourself yelling or screaming at your husband every time he opens his mouth?

He just manages to say the wrong thing or words which spirals your blood pressure out of control.

I mean how do you manage your emotions when your husband is so stuck to his way of thinking, not taking responsibility around the children or house, does what he wants and stuffs cotton buds in his ears when you trying to talk to him sensibly.

He continues to annoys you by leaving mess around the house,...

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The Interfering In-Laws From Hell

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Are you being affected by the interfering in-laws from hell?

Maybe it’s your sister in-law, brother in-law, grandparent in-law, father in-law, mother in-law or whatever in-law.

The fact is they are taking over your life, don’t leave you alone which is now sabotaging your relationship with your husband. They just can’t stop poking in your business and every matter going!

You can’t even turn without them glaring in your face. Furthermore, your husband doesn’t see...

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My Husband Is So Lazy!

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Help, my husband is so lazy!

Why do I always find myself having to do all the thinking in my marriage?

Why can’t he just think for a change? Why can’t he just do things himself without needing a reminder every single time? I have enough to think about than having to churn out a list of reminders every day.

Honestly, sometimes I just feel like a parrot, “Can you do this; can you do that."  Like, the ‘can do’ list is never ending from grocery shopping,...

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