Happy Marriage

Transform Your Marriage

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I thought you might want to know the truth to how I saved my marriage without waiting for my husband to change.

I had somebody message me the other day, and she said she had read my story in Muslim Vibe.

She explained how she was so close to giving up on her marriage, and just by reading my article it gave her a new lease of hope. From that moment on she decided that she was definitely going to give her marriage another chance.

The funny thing is that she and everyone else were...

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BIGGEST Mistake I Made In My Marriage

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Lot of people say it takes a lot of effort and hard work to make a marriage work. 

Therefore, you maybe currently working really hard in trying to make your husband understand you or trying to understand him.

 Communication is probably at its rock bottom and you are both either living like two strangers or tearing each other’s hair out. Should I leave or should I stay is probably playing like a broken record at the back of your mind. 

Has all your hard work and efforts...

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How Do You Talk To Your Husband Without Yelling Back?

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Have you found yourself yelling or screaming at your husband every time he opens his mouth?

He just manages to say the wrong thing or words which spirals your blood pressure out of control.

I mean how do you manage your emotions when your husband is so stuck to his way of thinking, not taking responsibility around the children or house, does what he wants and stuffs cotton buds in his ears when you trying to talk to him sensibly.

He continues to annoys you by leaving mess around the house,...

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Marriage Dreams - Shattered.

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When I fell in love and married the man of my dreams I expected to live happily in harmony ever after. Unfortunately, this dream got very quickly shattered.

I was left with broken expectations, betrayed with lies, felt unappreciated, unsupported and struggled with communication in my marriage. 

My husband just did not want to listen to me. I felt unheard and misunderstood. He refused to compromise with anything and wanted everything his way all the time. As the famous saying goes,...

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The Love Knot...

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Aisha and Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)) used to express their love for each other regularly.

One day Aisha asked the Prophet (pbuh) how he would describe his love for her. The Prophet (pbuh) answered by saying: “Like a strong binding knot.” Meaning: the more you tug, the stronger it gets.

Every so often Aisha would playfully ask, “How is the knot?” The Prophet (pbuh) would answer, “As strong as the first day (you asked).”

How is the love knot in your marriage?


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Betrayal To Bliss

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Are you being betrayed with lies or struggling to come to with a cheating partner?

Perhaps you are serious in making your marriage work, know there is too much to lose but you are finding it difficult to trust your husband again. 

Or maybe you are someone who has had enough but torn to decide whether you should stay in this marriage or not.

Whatever betrayal or cheating issue you are currently facing, I want you to know that there is hope. It is possible to have the marital bliss, joy...

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Married To Your Mother In-Law?

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Does your mother in-law control everything you do? Like, who you should see or talk to, where you should go, the way you should dress, how many kids you should have and how you should raise them and so on.

We have not even got to the husband yet.

He is told by her, what meals you should be cooking for him, how much money he  should give you, the amount of privacy time he should have with you and how many gifts he should buy you – the list is endless and I am sure you will have...

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The Interfering In-Laws From Hell

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Are you being affected by the interfering in-laws from hell?

Maybe it’s your sister in-law, brother in-law, grandparent in-law, father in-law, mother in-law or whatever in-law.

The fact is they are taking over your life, don’t leave you alone which is now sabotaging your relationship with your husband. They just can’t stop poking in your business and every matter going!

You can’t even turn without them glaring in your face. Furthermore, your husband doesn’t see...

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